Spark Digital

About Us

Brand, Marketing & Ad Technology -Digital Marketing agency for B2B and B2C

Who we are


We are Spark.

Our singular focus is to grow the spark of our customer's business.

We are committed to our client's business and act as the catalyst to fan the embers of our client's idea.

Our expertise lies in the intersection of Brand, Marketing and Ad Technology and over the past 8 years, we have been providing  360° digital strategy for clients that address the CMO's dilemma.

Digital Marketing Agency for Lead generation,customer acquisition,brand awareness,e-commerce sales.

Passionate Digital Marketing Experts

For all our customers this is the graph that we at Spark Digital work hard for.

 Be it, advertisers or web publishers, our energies are focussed on delivering higher value to our customers. With over 95 years of combined experience in Digital Strategy, Ad Tech, Digital Sales, Web Analytics we are passionate about everything Digital

With our  360° digital strategies for our advertising clients, we have handled a host of marketing briefs which include brand launches, lead generation, customer acquisition, brand awareness, customer engagement, mobile app installs, e-commerce sales, customer retention, etc. across a variety of industries.

A results-driven, customer-focused digital agency.

The Approach

Assuming Mr.X has a rash on his arm. Will the correct approach be to do a self-diagnosis and decide by himself that he needs to go to a skin specialist or go to a doctor who understands the symptoms, recommends specific tests and then based on data/reports provides a customized and holistic treatment plan.

We at Spark Digital follow a similar approach. Each brand is different, each client requirements are different.

With our expertise in Brand, Marketing and Ad Technology, we come up with customized digital marketing strategies for customers which are backed by data and provide a  360° digital approach.

A results-driven, customer-focused digital agency leading we leverage advertising platforms, combine creativity and data  to meet our customer's objectives.

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